Dr. Gabriel R. Barrenechea

Department of Mathematics and Statistics,

University of Strathclyde

26, Richmond Street,

Glasgow G1 1XH

Welcome to my web page. This page has professional information about myself. I received my first degree and Mathematical Engineering degrees from the University of Concepción, Chile, sometime in the last century. In 1997 I moved to Paris to do my studies for a degree of Docteur en Sciences, which I got from Paris Dauphine (Paris IX) University in 2002. Then, I moved back to Concepción to take a position of Assistant (and then, Associate) Professor until 2007, when I made my last (so far!) move to the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland, where I am a Senior Lecturer in Numerical Analysis.


My main research interest is the numerical analysis of partial differential equations. More specifically, I focus on finite element methods for fluid mechanics, especially on stabilised, multiscale, and physically consistent finite element methods.

Recent Preprints

1. Allendes, A., Barrenechea, G.R., and Novo, J. : A divergence-free stabilised finite element method for the evolutionary Navier--Stokes equations.

2. Ahmed, N., Barrenechea, G.R., Burman, E., Guzman, J., Linke, A., and Merdon, C.: A pressure-robust discretization of Oseen's equation using stabilization in the vorticity equation

Very recent news: The volume with the BAIL 2018 Proceedings just got published by Springer Verlag. You can have access to it using Springer Link here.

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